Hey, this is Aura, your leader. Yeah, there's no duke of Westborough because the leader resides there and thus, needs no secondary command stationed there.

/:/ɲɪƈɦơʅʌƨ ƅʌɾєɲơ/:/Edit

Age: Hourglass counts 25 years

Condition: Health- 90%

Group/Clan/Affiliation: The Diamond Leigon

Rank: 2nd(?) Captain of Royal Sabres 

Crush: ///

Wife: Lillie Bareno(deceased due to murder)

Kids: Luke Bareno(deceased due to swine flu at 4 mos.), Judy Bareno(stillborn)

Description: A white male with silver hair that covers one blue eye and wears a normal Royal Sabres uniform, weilding the power to morph into Shaken Form-Making his wolf instincts kick in, and a little fur showing as well as little wings. He can also morph into Total Chaos Form-Making him a full grey wolf with the ablility to stand at a humans' posture, with wings reaching a span of 14 ft, twice his height.

Saying: După lăsarea întunericului ... lumina zilei moare. (When darkness falls....daylight dies.)

Weapon: Human-Sword Shaken form-Fists, claws, or teeth Total Chaos form-Spear, claws, fangs(different than teeth), and fists.

Mount: ::Human only:: Black clydesdale that can change into a demonic nightmare when angered or ordered to.

Nikolai's sword.


Nikolai-Nicholas' mount


Nicholas Bareno in TC form

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