ΨOwlkingΨ is one of the many "owlkings". He is known to have several aliases such as ΨWolfkingΨ, ΨRobinkingΨ, ΨEaglekingΨ, ΨCrowkingΨ, ΨStarlingkingΨ, ΨPigeonkingΨ, ΨSeagullkingΨ, and ΨLightninjaΨ. It is rumoured that he is also a noname. The use of this mysterious symbol is
Banana Potato00:55

Banana Potato

ot known. He is an upholder of justice and has fought many times against rude players. He talks in a refined manner and manages to group large amounts of people against rude players. If attacked, he will retaliate with many subordinates.

Update: Owlking no longer is seen throughout FLAB 3. No one knows his or her whereabouts.

The letters Ψ or ψ can also be a symbol for:

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