Today, he has been seen spamming the entire chat at snow7.

I was just talking to my friend, Ice heart, and then he just came out of nowhere and started spamming.

I think this could be The_Hater. He MUST be banned!

If seen, please avoid him.

~ϟϟarmony♥™ (Thoa2alflame),  23rd of October, 2013.

I have seen F*** today in city1, then he went to city2 and when i was going to talk to Sarah about him, he actually followed us into snow5...

I don't know if this is actually the 'bear' (===>), but he and F*** are both criminals.

Please report to Gamevial. I can't stand this anymore!

~ϟϟarmony♥™ (Thoa2alflame), 23rd of October, 2013. (Again)

fu ck and pedo,trollface stop i dont can more poop wtf city 1 Help

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