ok so i have herd about theese strange noises all over the world and i gotta good idia of wat the hell they are:)

so you all must know about the big bang that happend long time ago well i think theese are noises from when the big bang happend and there only just reaching use now . also it might not sound like a bang cause sound might change if it travles for along time thats why it sounds like airhorns. i herd them myself and it was like a reaaalllllyyyy long foghorn( kinda got pissed off when i was trying to enjoy a nice sunday afternone). but if you like my idia pleas subscribe:) heres another idia it might be raidio active stuff or noises from another planet only just reaching use now. really cool thing to think abut but were aculy lisnting to history listing to the noises. this is because the noises happend like 40000000 years ago but only are reaching us now. so please subscribe and please dont change this page thankyou  

by ≈•≈lord shen≈•≈:)

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