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Who's Ski?Edit

Ski is a female robin/and starling who has been playing Flab ever since it was created.[ [ 3years, to be exact. :\ ] ] She was one of the most well-known players on Flab, even though most of you may not know her. The reason behind that is because she once had left Flab for 6  months or so, which made her lose her popularity on the game. She's usually seen at Cityscape1 but her main hangout is snowscape1, or any other snowscape,for she loves that place a lot as she once claimed it as her 'home'. You can also find her on Island1,city3, and city6. 

More about SkiEdit

Her attitude/personality is mostly based on her mood. Sometimes, she gets in the mood of killing people for no reason. She even had her own clan which was named 'SkiFighters', but due to her 6 months of absence/disappearance, most of her clan members and friends quit playing the game. [ [ Goddd whaiii D':] ]

Some people find her annoying for whenever she gets bored, she starts singing loudly by typing the lyrics and spamming without caring about the world around her. However, when you get to know her, you will find out that she's actually light-hearted and cheerful, mischievous and friendly. [ [ Yesss~ I'm actually nice, bitches. x33 ]]

Ski loves to make monster chicks as so far, she made 6 monster chicks and named them Mertz, brooks, Joey, Le Fway and the twins Night'and Dart.

Origins of the name SkiEdit

The name 'Ski' came from  'Ski/Skiing', which is an activity that people do on winter by  traveling on top of snow. She chose that name due to the fact she loves winter a lot, as most of her names on the internet has to do with winter. Sadly, some idiots on the game think that her name came from 'Sky', and they even call her Sky. 


❝Those who have loved me & those who have hated me have disappeared..❞

❝Baka, Urusai!❞(Idiot, shut up!)

❝'Could you get anymore idiotic?❞

❝I wish I could go back in time to the days when no one knew how to become an idiot ❞

❝Haters gonna hate.❞

❝Birds these days...❞

❝Bitch  please, I'm fantabulous 

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