Clans are groups of role players, most likely to be cats or other creatures. They fight, hunt, and do their thing in the world of FLaB.

Clans of Flab 3Edit

Legendary Legion : Azura Nix (Leader/Founder)

Aerial volts(av): Kidlat (Leader) ❤

MythicClan: JuneStar (Leader)

RiverClan: Fernstar (Leader)

MoonClan: Echostar (Leader)

Hellclan: Hellboy (Leader)

ShadowClan: Spottedstar (Leader)

NightClan: Smokestar (Leader)

WindClan: Scorchstar (Leader)

Anti-clan: Fracture (leader)

Wasp clan: Vespula or Emily

Sharpclan: Deltastar (Leader)

StormClan: §čøŕpïø Wøļf - Sometimes known as: Řāvėņćļāw but uses various names. (Leader/founder)

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