The Big Boss is a major crime boss and the leader of the notorious gang, Mob Mafia, whose main goal is to eliminate major crime groups and take their place in an attempt to rule the Fly Like a Bird criminal empire. He operates in several areas, the cityscape being his main headquarters, and is often seen verbally threatening his opponents, often leaving his members to kill said opponent for him. Although he is occassionally seen being generally kind to non-mafia birds, he is usually often seen in major arguments and battles, killing numerous people for no reason.

He began in the snowscapes and slowly climbed his way to power, as he recruited new members to join his gang, some of which were former enemies whom he managed to get on his side. Only two birds, namely Ringneck3 and Lefrak, went against him, verbally threatening him, only to be returned with another verbal threat.


Big Boss is generally sarcastic and vulgar, seeming to have somewhat of a laid-back personality, and seems to express no concern if pooed on. As a result, he usually allows himself to be killed, whilst laughing when he dies. As in the case of Ringneck, he managed to kill him after convincing him to poo on him, promising to stay still. He and his gang eventually ran Ringneck out of the server. In order to show his disinterest in something, mainly his enemies, he sings "Jimmy crack corn" sarcastically, this being one of his common phrases.


Members of Mob Mafia that serve directly under Big Boss himself (former members may be crossed out individually):

  • M̶a̶x̶ (forced from the gang after a fight ensued)
  • Ninja
  • Niellhoran
  • ⓛⓞⓛⓞ
  • Terryonodon