the birds of Fly like a bird 3! Edit

There are many birds in Fly Like a Bird 3. They all have different flying skills, dragging skills and usually some are prettier than others.

Eagles Edit

are the fastest birds in the game, with sharp turning and a good glide. They dive deep and need more pull up time.

  • the eagle is modelled after a golden eagle

Pigeons Edit

are fairly slow, but they have a nice dive and a steady glide that goes up faster then other birds do. The turning is decent and it's a good bird for a beginner.

Barn Owls Edit

are slightly slower than Eagles with a slower pull up time and a great glide. Turning takes getting used to but still a good bird.

Seagull Edit

are slower birds, but can build up speed and glide pretty far. they don't crash as easily is gliding, but if flying straight then they crash just like any other bird. the gliding makes it take longer to land, and often you end up gliding right past the spot you were trying to land on. it is impossible to "land to hard" with seagulls. . Good for single player but not ideal for fighting or dodging attacks.

  • the seagull is modelled after a herring gull.

Robins Edit

are very agile birds, they are relatively fast birds, with fast beating wings. they are often used when attacking other birds.

  • the robin is modelled after the european robin

Starlings Edit

have a medium speed but great vertical take off. This allows it to reach high altitudes in quick succession. they can turn relatively fast, and fly straight instead of gradually flying up.

Macaws Edit

are slower and larger than Ringnecks, but they have good gliding and turning skills. They are rather noticeable due to their brightly coloured feathers.

  • they are modelled after the Blue and Gold macaw.

Ring-necked parakeet. Edit

are slightly faster than Macaws, but their lift off is quite slow compared to most birds.

Crows Edit

are faster than most larger birds, and they have good turning skills along with average vertical take off.

  • they were one of the first 3 birds

Swans Edit

are the largest and possibly the slowest bird in the game. They have poor vertical take off, as well as their flying speed and large size, which makes it a bad choice of bird and it also makes them more vulnerable to getting pooped on.

  • swans are the latest bird added to the game

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