• Lordshen1

    A bird army!!!

    April 24, 2016 by Lordshen1

    Did a bird amry. im going to add it to the flab3 page later :)


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  • Kasara

    Please read

    January 20, 2016 by Kasara

    Alright, so it has come to my attention that this wikia needs alot of cleaning up, as it really doesn't have anyone to look after it. To shorten all of what I am going to say, I'm basically going to adopt the wikia. When doing so, I will enforce the rules to make it seem fair to everyone, as well as pick new staff members to get this place in shape. I'll also be deleting uneccessary pages that don't relate to things on the Wikia at all, same goes with photos and videos. Have any questions for me? Comment below. You can't always win the fight, but maybe you can win the war.. 21:12, January 20, 2016 (UTC)

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  • Lordshen1

    gone for 3 weeks

    January 3, 2016 by Lordshen1

    I will be leaving tomarrow (jan6)  to go on a trip to switzerland for 3 weeks. i  might not be able to go on flab3 anymore because my mom got me a cruddy new computer(cant go on google or anything) and is trying to force me to use it :\   i can get on the game but im not sure about this wiki. i can also get on my moms computer to play but thats limited :|    

    so if i dissapear for a while. thats why!


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  • -ashar37


    December 29, 2015 by -ashar37

    nela isn`t a hacker but she is very dangerous when you poo on her she will change name and kill you. her revenge is very powerful from now her friend is only one lapidot.and she is killing everyone for no reason and she is very angry during these days so dont make a mistake to poo on her.

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  • Alphaundercat

    New Cat Photo

    December 17, 2015 by Alphaundercat

    Today, i changed my profile photo to a cute Tabby, and i love it! Share if you like it below! :D

    ~Alphaundercat AKA under AKA undercat 2015-12-17 5:41 PM EST

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  • Sloantothebonehimself

    Ugh, I've been having problems with facebook chat. Sometimes it stops sending them, so I'll be talking to someone and she wont recieve my msges and it doesnt tell me she didnt recieve them. Reminds me of this:

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  • AlphaBabyCat

    FLAB3 Hacker

    July 16, 2015 by AlphaBabyCat

    Hello I'm alpha babycat aka abc I'm a hacker in that game and I know many hacks like ♦Cloud Jumper : allows you to make clouds and to be with a house mid in air ♦Superpoo : poo quickly ♦Twig hack : build nests quickly ♦teleport : go from that city in another scape without logging out ♦Egg hack : trade with another bird the egg ♦stay in air : tells you the name ♦vertical poo : poo sidewise just qicklier + speed and eggs and more

    I'm a legend in that game *killed 137 ppl in 30 min xD*

    I kill the ppl when they try to attack my friends

    my BFFS °Bluegirl °alphaundercat aka auc °sweet girl °cyberus aka cy °ultrakill_pkg aka ultra or joker

    btw : my other names are *all in fancy writing*: Zane Cole Lloyd bloodkitten Persian_ex Firephoenix and sometime…

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  • Gravityheart


    May 17, 2015 by Gravityheart


    Since it is relatively new, KnightClan has no real history other than a Loner, Vayu, started it. She was visited in a dream and asked by StarClan to start KnightClan, and so she did. The Clan dwells in Snowscape 7, and I suck at writing blogs. :3

    LEADER: Gravitystar- white she-cat with silver stripes, black toes and flecks and stormy grey eyes

    DEPUTY: Nightslash- white she-cat with yellow eyes and a black stripe down her back

    MEDICINE CAT: unknown

    WARRIORS: Blazeclaw- orange tom with black stripes and yellow eye Moonblaze- white she-cat with a blue eye and a green eye and an orange muzzle

    QUEENS: Truelight- white and orange she cat with emerald green eyes



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  • Hunterman1.hh


    May 2, 2015 by Hunterman1.hh

    Supergodzilla is a hero now he had a wiki in his honor

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  • Hunterman1.hh
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  • Alphaundercat

    (EVERYBODY GUESS WHAT??? me alphaundercat has a score that is number 4!!! on the monthly scores!!!! if ur suprised... so am i!! i didnt even hack at the time i was just making chicks and killing people! (just kidding i had egghack... i must have had at least 9000 chicks...)

    here is my score hehehe:


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  • Alphaundercat

    I and probably about 200-300 other passengers, were flying from Toronto Ontario, towards a small city to the west, and were flying across the great lakes, on a normal flight. We had probably been flying for about one and a half hours, and the flight crew, told us that the rear door was not sealed properly, and we turned back towards Toronto. Everyone seemed to be very scared, as we turned around. We landed without any further problems. 

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  • Alphaundercat

    copy this:








    Then press crlt + v and tab rapidly... you do not need to press enter at all it automaticly posts..

    another one:



    I love fly like a bird 3 but I like hacking flab3







    I LIKE TO SPAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LIKE TO SPAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!























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  • Alphaundercat
    • note: does not work on macintoch computers. 

    Guys, i found out how to do the point hack (its pritty much usless since it wont post well idk if its just my computer.) So, just download cheat engine 6.4. Then, go to any scape (can be either multi or single player,) then eat any food (once only) then leave, then type in "20" into the "value" box. Then, press "new scan".

    Then go back to fly like a bird 3, and eat twice. Then repeat untill only 2 addresses are left on the left. Then dubble click the addresses. They will apear below, then dubble click on the addresses, and change it to any score you want!  ~alphaundercat

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  • Alphaundercat

    i really wish that everybody who is on here, could get more trustworthy people from the game itself. everyone on here please try to do that.

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  • Alphaundercat

    i know about 20 glitches in all scapes but i have heard of glitches every now and then that i dont know about plz tell me guys. i even know underground cityscape. if you want to know how go to my site on my profile.

    if you want to see most of my glitches that i know, and how to do them, look at my youtube account "sasha fortin"

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  • Absolute Fury

    Jagged: -I rest on the bridge of the Super Star Destroyer called the Revenge of the Cross flanked next to me are 2 elite cyborg guards and 2 star destroyers float next to the super x-wings and y-wings fly out of the hangars ready to destroy this damn place-

    Animas: *chirps several times, landing upon a branch in a materialized form* Don't.

    Jagged: -on the ground humvees and tanks tear up the ground as the confederate army makes it's way to idyl-

    Jagged: -can't hear animas-

    Aurel Reeve has entered the forest.

    AnimasYou're dead now.

    Jagged: (thank gale)

    Jagged: -10 squadrons of x-wings enter the atmosphere and they release there lasers upon the forest-

    AnimasI might once he comes here to massacre you.

    Thorín Evandar has entered the forest.

    Aurel R…

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  • WrappedUpFrodo

    I am aware that I said I was never going to use this wiki again; however, I wish to post my final blog. I recently returned to Fly Like a Bird 3, and, in fact, my Orders notified me of a name who was briefly involved with us until departing on his own. You know him by the name of Hermes, or, as he is on this wiki, Hermes the Messenger. Now, ever since I returned for a short while, I've been searching the scapes for him, as I have never met him nor do I have any background knowledge on who he is. It just so happens that I did encounter him, in Island 7 today. I was using the username of a " " (no name) for I did not want anyone to know I was back for a brief period of time. I had entered the scape when it had no one in it and I remained u…

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  • DappIefrost02

    lel this is what the leaders of sc and rc do during their free time - derpleshit

    ye this is me dont think i am some kind of troll or hacker me and fern are just tired and its summer 




    IS WHY 

    IT IS a

    BbaD IDEA TO leT

    DAPPle And fERN STay 




    Fernstar fanfic time:

    a lovely morning! ah! birds flyings , and fish swimming--



    screeched the cat on a snowy hill

    "YOU COWARD FOXBAIT!!??!!?" 

    the bushy tail ugly leader screamed on a river , which she was slowly DrOWning

    after that sc and rc hated each other 4ever. lel

    Okay, guys. Sorry. Aquila, you can delete this. We were just messing with everyone and we are sleep deprived, and having fu…

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  • Dapplefrost022

    If you are not a warrior cats person or friends with the following clans or Dapplestar, then leave. You have no reason to be reading.

    Anyway, I've found out - We all have since November/December - that the cat inactivity going on in our clans is because some idiot did either of these things or something occurred during the process:

    1. Said "Oh, we should meet in industry103 from now on" Which confuses everyone and in the end, everyone doesn't know what is the meeting place, and we all can't find each other.
    2. When school starts, times get limited and we don't see each other AS OFTEN
    3. People quit without telling us
    4. Some people have gone on breaks, and at their return, they can't find us.

    All of these are pretty much reasons why there is a scarce of cat…

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  • UnXnown

    Pixel aritist needed

    May 29, 2014 by UnXnown

    Hello everybody. We need a pixel artist for a game that we are developing. We can't pay you but you will get credit. If you are willing, leave a talk on my page UnXnown (talk) 11:24, May 29, 2014 (UTC) UnXnown

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  • ShadyWhisker


    May 24, 2014 by ShadyWhisker

    Do you want me to write a fanfictions? Warrior cats, of course. Vote in the comments.

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  • ShadyWhisker

    I am a newby.

    May 22, 2014 by ShadyWhisker

    Hello! I just got an account today. Please, talk to me. You know, on the talk page. Thanks! :) March 21, 2014.

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  • AuraPhoenixx

    So ...

    May 3, 2014 by AuraPhoenixx

    Hey. If none of you understood my precedented blog post, here's what I mean.

    This roleplay is dead. It's no longer what it used to be. 

    It's just a mountain of hate and paranoia. 

    No one really cares about anyone here anymore, they just want to be able to scrabble to the top and survive the total wipeout a little longer. 

    And I leave you with this. 


    And Doei. 

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  • EnderoftheEnd-

    Closed. The application was a success.

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  • EnderoftheEnd-

    Viewer, I've been noticing that a significant amount of irrelevant pages were and still are being created on FLaB wiki. Soon, I will make a request to adopt this wiki, as I seem to meet the following requirements. To those unfamiliar, these are the requirements:

    • Is the wikia inactive?

    • No sustained editing by other users. If there are other users please start a blog post or other public discussion of new leadership before making your request and allow users at least a week to respond.
    • Admins have been inactive for 60 days or more

    • Are you eligible to adopt?

    • You have not adopted another wikia in the last month
    • You are not currently blocked on another Wikia project

    • Are you contributing to the wikia's content?

    • You have edited on t…

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  • AuraPhoenixx

    Hello. It's Renke here. 

    I guess I'll compose a little grammatical piece in tribute to the gone world we roleplayed here, for so long.

    There was no use for this.

    I wish people would stop holding grudges. 

    I wish people would stop becoming so addicted to telling everyone wrong. 

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  • EnderoftheEnd-

    OH WHY...

    April 8, 2014 by EnderoftheEnd-

    No. No. This is wrong. How could he do this? What is this?! I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY MENTOR.

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  • EnderoftheEnd-


    April 4, 2014 by EnderoftheEnd-

    I'm getting tired of my Minecraft skin, and I want a new one. Any suggestions...?

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  • EnderoftheEnd-

    To all those 'April Fools Day' guys on the Internet, I think I need to teach you how hemispheres work.

    I will not celebrate April Fools Day today. Why? Because it's April 2nd. April Fools Day was yesterday for me.

    This means I can't prank anyone today, and in return no one can prank me. Time zones make me safe from your trickery.

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  • EnderoftheEnd-


    March 29, 2014 by EnderoftheEnd-

    So in case any of you wanted to visit Australia...

    Really. It's fun. Come visit.

    Oh, and there's also mosquitos here that, if they bite you, you're permanently allergic to meat.

    I found a giant venomous spider in my room a couple of days ago. Right. Above. My. Bed. Luckily, it wasn't a dangerous one. Dangerous ones can also be found quite commonly in your house, I once found a redback spider a few years ago in primary school in the girl's toilets.

    Both the animals on the coat of arms, the emu and the kangaroo, can get rather pissed off and kill you. Don't be fooled by koalas, they're crazy mofos.

    Oh, and the eagles. Wingspan of 3 metres and have been known to attack …

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  • EnderoftheEnd-

    The two videos on my RP Wikia profile... I can't decide which one I like better. >_<

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  • Smallbirdcap
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  • EnderoftheEnd-


    March 23, 2014 by EnderoftheEnd-

    Come on, guys, this wasn't even fair.

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  • EnderoftheEnd-


    March 20, 2014 by EnderoftheEnd-

    Installing Blender! I can finally contribute to World of Birds!

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  • Smallbirdcap

    Spammer alert!

    March 18, 2014 by Smallbirdcap

    e.e Dis is ѕмαℓℓвιя∂¢αρ here! >:D be ready you dumb big birdies...i shall demolish everyone of you eagles and swans out there...hehe

    o also i like spamming dis 'ωє αяє ѕмαℓℓ вιя∂ αяму, ωнσ кιℓℓ ωнσ ∂єƒу, ѕωιƒтєя тнαη αη αяяσω, ∂єα∂ℓу αѕ α ℓσα∂є∂ gυη, ѕωєєтєя тнαη α мєℓσ∂у, ωє αяє ѕмαℓℓ вιя∂'ѕ αяму!' o yea baby~
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  • Madi.parsons2008


    March 3, 2014 by Madi.parsons2008

    Hey! Just hangin with Dj here on flab.. Just found out I'm gettin a new phone tomororw! :3 anyways.. yeah.. XD

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  • EnderoftheEnd-

    Juno: Lol. You're a half-breed.

    Me: So what? You're a racist.

    Juno: You're constipated.

    Me: Not true. You're a hypocrit.

    Juno: You're a motherfucker.

    Me: Say that to your father.

    Juno: ...

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  • Madi.parsons2008


    February 14, 2014 by Madi.parsons2008

    Hai :3 iz Madi here. Sup Sacha? -Madi

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  • BeginningOfTheEnd


    February 13, 2014 by BeginningOfTheEnd

    Aniia and Crazias have combined, recruiting many new members to their group. The old members of Aniia are starting to come back in, but some are pondering whether or not they should. I'd love to get my old Aniian friends back, especially the mighty Matnu.

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  • Eleazar Lara

    i have many names! :p

    February 13, 2014 by Eleazar Lara

    ive been using many names lately but the one i mostly use is reddest water! :p my other names are just made up names that have no meaning! :p if ur curious as to what names i am using, they are the ones below:

    • nemrafitch
    • swivaroach is my second most used one! :p
    • puzeramph
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  • Greendog555


    January 31, 2014 by Greendog555

    Okay so I'm here, now you can send me hate from here too! Yeeee...

    Alright I'm outta here.

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  • XXFiregirr1Xx


    December 21, 2013 by XXFiregirr1Xx
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  • Eleazar Lara

    lefrak's return

    December 11, 2013 by Eleazar Lara
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  • MistPuddle795

    Shadowclan has fallen because Dapplestar has been leading them falsley. Dapplestar is in Anti-Clan, not ShadowClan. She also is the one who killed kits from the other clans, not Deltastryke. ShadowClan believes that they are the greatest clan, winning every battle they fight. But they don't know that they are following Russet herself. The real Dapplestar quit FLAB3, and Russet is playing/cloning her. And now they choose the worst deputies possible, they train cats to goddmodd, what could be next?

    NightClan has fallen because they only have two members: Smokestar and Blackthorn. Smokestar is no demon, either. she has one tail. Smokestar has also gone "Crazy", since she has started defending her borders, thus losing trust from the other clans…

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  • MistPuddle795


    December 1, 2013 by MistPuddle795

    History-      Anti-Clan is the enemy of most clans-- notice the word most -- and probably the most failed of all clans. at first, Copper, Anti-Clan's first leader, hated rogues and wanted nothing to do with them. then she was adopted by one (it was probably a loner, not a rogue) and she relied on all rogues from that point on. She was hated for attacking queens, elders, kits, and many others. she was hunted down by a group of rogues, who sought revenge for their lost clan. but Copper killed them. Soon she settled down, found a mate, had kits, and stopped killing. She had three kist: Russet, Echo, and Flint. But Copper was killed by the first ShadowClan leader. So when her three kits grew up, they took SnowScape 4 from Shadowclan. At first, the…

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  • Dapplefrost022

    Snowscape4 problems

    October 12, 2013 by Dapplefrost022

    Ok, I am going to say something for you roleplayers in search of your own land or territories. I realized so many of you want to take snowscape4. What's so special about it? if there is nothing special, is it because you want to just take away our territory so that we look weak? I seriously don't understand what's all of your people's deal. One of the most ridiculous things I heard from some of you people, is that "s4 is in the middle, so it'll make me look like I own flab." Or some shit. Ok, seriously? That's the most stupidest things I ever heard. Does Shadowclan look like we own flab? No. One thing I am going to say, is that the non-roleplayers are very much right. What's the point in owning a scape/map when the game isn't even yours? I…

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  • 0~InDiGo~0

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  • Sloantothebonehimself

    Ok I am looking for mysterious secrets within this wiki such as starling pana or wrapped up frodo. biru and wuf together??????

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  • Silentstrikes

    Bio: Silent is going through alot nowadays, and is disliked by most of the clan members. Why? For one: We're LOSING members. My mother abandoned me*so i thought* And her original name: Bonekit, got screwed up. She WAS breezepelt. Looking to start over. She cant though ;-; So she went to rapidstrike.. She's disliked too. So then she went to Silentstrike.. Thats disliked..also. Then, more of an innocent, dont talk to me char, Leafkit.

    Former mother: Dapplefrost/a rouge named Ebony.

    Mum: Smokestar

    Want to know why I'm so hostile? ReadVV

    1. losing members. I dont need you interfering with me training my new members, as i am picked as a mentor. Stay out of my god dang way!

    2. You honestly think you can talk to me that way? Good luck.

    3. Cause you don…

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