The blue peace group (bpg) is a group that helps maintain peace and only kills spammers and killers. To be in the bpg, you have to be a ringneck or a macaw and if necessary to kill, a Robin. To be in it too, just put BPG beside your name. Ex. Before: Name After: Name~BPG

The BPG frequents cityscape one through three and also islands on and two.

If u want to be part of it, list your name on flab here.

Blue❤bird (me but if I'm on bpg it'll say Blue❤~BPG)

Willowshine ( I usually play a robin to more easily care for nests. Is that ok?) *Curvy line here* bpg- Ravenpool

Blue❤bird: Yeah that's cool, me too usually :)

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