anyone know how i can access the game? i am unable to from gamevial..

hi, I think you might be able get on Flab3 using other sites, but gamevial has abandoned all of their games, so they don't work on the gamevial site :/

just type in flylikeabird3 and go to any site thats not gamevial and it might work.

No matter what I do, it doesn't load up.. It just remains as a black screen. i guess the game is dead for me.

Games like this only work on old versions of firefox now, you must be using an updated version, in which case it will only display a black screen. A browser version made before the update will work fine (try firefox 51.0.1) Also, be sure that you have unity web player installed.


wait, does it work on safari or just Firefox?

and, if I download Firefox now, will flab3 work???? or is it just old versions of Firefox already downloaded???


You could try re-installing an old version of safari, if this doesn't work you can try firefox, whichever you pick, it should be an old version of it as flab3 wont work on updated browsers.

How do you install an old version of Firefox? I would really appreciate if you let me know.. - Dapple

If you have installed an old version of firefox before now, you must un-install the curret one that you use, if you are on pc check "file rxplorer" then go to "downloads" until you find the first firefox version you installed. Download it again, when it is up you can play flylikeabird3 from here:

I do believe this should deserve its own page. I should have a detailed explanation up by tonight.

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