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Birds that are featured as playable characters in Fly Like a Bird 3. You can be a Robin, Macaw, Pigeon, Seagull, Owl, Eagle, Crow , Ringneck, Starling or swan. The first birds were the Seagull, Crow and Pigeon.


  • The Robin is the smallest 
  • The Eagle is the biggest and fastest, which lays big eggs and nests
  • The Seagull is the slowest so it won`t land to hard 
  • The Starling will not gradually fly up when flying straight like other birds
  • The Ringneck is the slowest for flying up
  • The Macaw is the brightest in color
  • The Pigeon is the from Fly Like a Bird 2 
  • The Crow is just normal
  • The Owl was once immortal but that changed
  • The Chicks are the babies you have when you hatch the eggs
  • Swans are the new birds, and are the biggest birds in the game.

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