A Chick is the young bird that hatches from an egg. Once the egg has been incubated long enough, the chick will emerge and needs to be fed and cared for by the parent bird constantly, otherwise it will disappear. Chicks will leave the nest once they have matured and provide an extra life for its parent. 


  • Your chick flies away in the direction you are facing in.         
  • Your chick grows bigger as you feed it.
  • When a chick is hungry, walking near it causes a yellow chick to appear in the compass.
  • When you press space/ctrl while the yellow chick appears on the compass, your chick has been fed.
  • When the parent's chick is hungry, only the parent is notified.
  • A chick's size is determined by the parent's type of bird; Eagle chicks are noticeably larger than other bird's chicks.,and a Swan's chick does not grow up due to a glitch.
  • Other birds of the same kind can feed your chick, so if you are a Robin and your chick is hungry, another Robin can feed it for you.