DarkInfinite is a player commonly seen as a crow and is often seen in Dark Forest, Snowscape or Hillscape and brags about being the best villain ever in FLAB history. She is often seen in snowy places and dark places. She is somewhat skilled at combat.

DarkInfinite was the first person to defeat Cyber, who tried to fight back and take revenge but never was able to defeat DarkInfinite. Someone had finally defeated Cyber though he had sworn revenge.

She is often described as mischievous, daredevil, evil, cunning, smart.

DarkInfinite is a somewhat smart bird. She always has a plan. She pickpockets sometimes when she goes around the city, and poops on bird catchers without them knowing who did it. She likes tall high trees with ultra dark pure branches.

Plot: A___ M____ was a normal 6 year old girl working in a normal house. One day, her bird went missing. She didn't know where he went. She got worried. She saw her bird on a branch of a tree which was in her garden. She climbed up to get her bird but got trapped. It was a trap. She got captured and they threatened her, blackmailed her and kept her there for a long time, killed her bird. She never got to see her family. Since that day, she vowed to become the greatest villain ever, a goal highly unlikely to happen.

Behavior: Never actually talks and tries to hide from people. She secretly destroys nests.


Unknown User: I saw DarkInfinite in Hillscape 3. She was doing one of her silly role playS or whatever. I have to admit, she's soo good at it, I mean, she destroyed 24 nests! The second I made a new one, she destroyed it! I told her to leave but she wouldn't answer. She just kept on shitting on me. She wouldn't let me keep a nest. She didn't even make her own. I better report this to the bullies section!

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