General Clan Logo (Above)(Her roleplay look in-game, above)Her Logo (Above)Darkhero is a player in FLAB3, who devotes herself to helping nests and feeding chicks of the same type. However, if you poo her, she will poo on you the number of times you pooed. Be nice and she may help build your nest and babysit your egg while you do whatever.

Past: She once called herself Dragon and had a small team with two other members, dragonqueen and the other one I forgot (this was a LONG time ago). At this time she was still the same, but with less strategy, and not as looking for revenge.

I am darkero. If you wish to find me try the servers 1-4, all biomes. I appear less in snowy and Industry and more in Hillsapes and Cities. Islands are neutral. Have a good flight!

Me once again. I am now called Midnightwolf. I have successfully defeated the infamous hacker Speedhacker2019. See ya!

My clan and allies: The darkfang clan (mine) The Macaw Army (main allies) The Black Sun empire

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