This guy is often in cityscape1,
But sometimes in hillscape1 or snowscape1.
He's actually nice,
Everytime he enters a room,
He would say "Hello! :3" Immediately.
The one's who will say hello back,
Would become his friend instantly,
He's very easy to talk with.
And I noticed that when he gets pooed on,
He would really care that much.
He's actually caring and sweet.
He often help his friends with nests
And feeding the chicks.
He poos on the ones who poos on his friends,
And sometimes he poos on everybody when he's bored.
He's not much of a fighter,
But a brave helper.
He's also funny sometimes.
Some birds even call him "Deathiiee"..
And some "Dudy".
He was actually a friendly bird,
I thought he was a killer.
Even when his name was Death,
He was actually a good guy.
And my favorite line that he said is:
"I don't really want to be a hacker,
Being a hacker,
Represents the person playing,
Nothing but a cheater.
I admit, hacking is pretty cool,
But I'd like to play the game originally."
Never try to insult him,
That's one way to make him mad.
Some birds were actually jealous of him,
and kept on pooping on him until he dies,
But he doesn't do anything.
Until you insult him or swear at him,
That's when he'll kill you repeatedly,
But soon enough, he will stop.

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