Diamond Legion
Diamond Legion's flag


ƛłἷƈἔ Ɓłᾄƈќ


ѕιмвєя.ᴅʟ & ɖɛǟȶɦ ʍǟ§ȶɛʀ




Trăiască Legiunea Diamond!




English and regionally French


Bounty Hunters, Vigilance squad, Assasins, Rangers, Navy

Uniform color:

Green (Rangers), Grey (Hunters & Vigilance), Black (Assasins), Navy Blue (Navy), Red (Lieutenant and above)

-Când soarele cade, întunericul ia locul. Da naștere la ambele părți! Trăiască Legiunea Diamond!

The Diamond Legion is an ancient militia that works hard to banish abusive players and promote roleplay rights. Almost every member is a mythical creature.We have many allies, having founded the Royal Union, and we will not hesitate to defend them. We are a neutral clan and will only attack if hit first. We have no territory. Our leader is ʌυrαpнoeɴιх♥ɔʟ.

Bounty Hunters: (Full members)Edit


-ʌυrαpнoeɴιх♥ɔʟ (Leader)

aka, ƛłἷƈἔ Ɓłᾄƈќ



-ɖɛǟȶɦ ʍǟ§ȶɛʀ

Mentors & Delta members: 




-σℓινєя яєє∂ 

-յսllﻨεէէε lεձνεร

-ɲɪƈɦơʅʌƨ ƅʌɾєɲơ 

-Mint Redwin 




-ąℓℓγ ɧεąŗŧş <З









- VerdanTengu 






-Wysteria the Pheonix



Apprenticeship is for 2 moons (weeks irl), or until the leaders think they are ready. They are freely mentored by anyone, but will be assigned certain people to monitor their progress.

łucιρhεƦ.ḋł|ƛ - Mentor: ʌυrαpнoeɴιх♥ɔʟ | N/A

Fox - Mentor: Ino

Lady - Mentor: Strife


The Great Shadowclan.

The Right Honorable MoonClan.

The Honorable Nightclan.

The Right Honorable The Ke'ee Ti Tribe.

The Righteous Windclan.

The Pacifist Electricclan.

The Justice Legion.

The Noble Legendary Legion

CODE (Codul de conduita):Edit

1. Be on formal, and respectful terms with everyone within the clan, if not closer. 

2. You are not to, on any circumstance, attack a fellow "teammate" on a city stomp... EVER. 

3. Our clan supports freedom of speech. No ideas be neglected, we are all bright minds. 

4. No one who choses to leave the clan or adopt another clan, shall be openly critisized. We want you to choose where you really stand. 

5. Knowledge is priority, even more than loyalty.

6. We respect whatever creature you want to roleplay as.

8. Members are required to train in both the art of roleplay, and aerial dogfighting to ensure full potential. 

9. We are a neutral group. Never shoot first. 

10. Most groups are strait monarchies or even dictatorships (the good kind though). We will be democrats! Civil rights and Political Freedom for all! Let the people vote!

News Board

We are not active anymore. ;(

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