Dinosaur wiki:Edit

Dinosaur is one of the dinosaurs in the jurassic period. He is a Tyrannosaurus rex or T-rex. He lived in the Philippines.

He survived the meteorite that crashed on Earth. After all dinosaurs died he realized

that he is the only dinosaur living. Dinosaur have decided to evolve into a robin.

He can be sighted in city1 or in city5 and everywhere when bored.

He wandered in many places and found friends and enemies. When he met Valerie Swift(robin)

also living in Philippines his life changed. They conquered city5 and take control in there.

They often meet everyday in city5.When both are bored they poo on each other(poo fight).

He sometimes stay in the reverse world of city5(city underground) thats what he called it.

Dinosaur doesn't want to be pooed on by people whom he does not know or didn't say sorry.

Enemies of his that says sorry to him will be spared. He doesn't want nonames that are ____ .

He sometimes go to hill6 as a mean bad bird, like a troll that poos without a reason.

He also doesn't want people who curse or say bad words if he saw someone Edit

doing that he will automatically kill them. He is very nice to his friends but very deadly to his enemies.

Also he doesn't want to be betrayed by friends or someone. Dinosaur have a signiture laugh like mafia (hehehe).

He adapted to the technology and used cheat engine program to be immortal. That's why he don't die and quick.

=Dinosaur's hacks=Edit


-life hackEdit

-twigs hackEdit

-super twigsEdit

-teleport z,x,yEdit

-super chickEdit

-mc super chickEdit

-super chick stop spamEdit

-sit/walk on the airEdit

-speed hackEdit


-points hackEdit

-angels hackEdit

-endless eggingEdit

-eternal poo hackEdit

-nest changeEdit

-bird changeEdit

-sneak hackEdit

-super pooEdit

-egg changeEdit

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