The Eagle is a playable bird in Fly Like a Bird 3. It is the second largest bird, after the Swan.

It is able to keep up, and surpass cars during flight, making it the fastest flyer in the game. However, due to its bulky size, the eagle is a much more easier target by smaller birds and is constantly pooed on, particularly by Robins and Starlings. The Eagle's diet consists solely of meat, or carcasses, which can be obtained from the ground. Its metabolism is no different from other birds.

The Eagle lays a very large nest with twigs, enough to fit a few small birds inside. Therefore, the Eagle also lays huge eggs as well.

In the hands of an unskilled player, the Eagle is very clumsy, slow, and will crash a lot. It is the second most vulnerable bird known to Fly Like a Bird 3, but because it is the fastest bird, with good flying skills, it can avoid becoming an easy target. Those who frequently play as the Eagle may find it easier to use than any other bird.


Eagles can go underground hillscape, and snowscape.

The eagle, is the fastest bird on fly like a bird 3.

S5 - Kopie

The Eagle in the Snowscape

It is a bird that is common with roleplayers wanting to appear royal, notable, or generally superior.

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