1. Make a folder called "FLAB3".

2. Download Amembe Ranaga's Itemhack folder.

3. Unzip the folder and put all of it in the FLAB3 folder.

4. Make a seperate folder for ACCESSORIES and CODES.

5. Put all accessories into the accessories folder.

6. Open notepad. Put in the itemhack code and save it into the codes folder.

7. In the CODES folder, make a folder inside of it called PROGRAMMER.

8. In the programmer folder, create a shortcut for your Jiibbydoale/Nalthormiah engine.

9. Open Jiibbydoale/Nalthormiah and in Folder Target, press browse and select the FLAB3 folder.

10. Select game target while in Jiibbydoale/Nalthormiah and press the browser you are running FLAB3 on.

11. Go into the game and press the button where it says INJECT HACK.

12. You now have Itemhack!

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