Wrestling is usually held in cityscape1, often between two, large eagles. The first wrestling event was held within the square hedge in the center of the cityscape. During a battle, the area is dubbed the "Wrestling Arena". The winner is rewarded with twigs and the loser is thrown out of the arena.

Wrestling Variants

A variant of wrestling occured in another cityscape. Like the example above, it is held in another hedge square. It allows any bird to compete, except robins. Only one game was held before dubstep and a noname rampaged and attacked the arenagoers. The matches were dubstep(starling) vs. some pigeon/crow that I forgot the name of(twice) and winter(eagle) vs. green bird(pigeon). Dubstep won all matches. Green bird won against Winter. There are 3 fights in a match, but seeing as the rules are new to them, the match between dub and some other guy lasted long as they fumbled with the loopholes.

Starting Out

In wrestling, you have to be careful not to loose. First, start with a bird which does not know you're there. When you passed that test, go onto a bird knowing you're there, then, when done, training passed, now take part in the battle.

Becoming A Winner

Sometimes you have to see to win. And being against a strong bird, such as dubstep himself, you gotta be concentrated, and you have to be stronger than him/her. Maybe use super poop, on here, this will show you what it is like. Http:// So when you mastered it, you gotta win as much as you can..