Most pplz dat their eyes are staring at these familiar words may not have a freaking clue who Featherclaw is. Actually, a dragon if you already got the name mixed up with a long clawed of fluffy silver cat! (derp)

         Featherclaw is another charrie from Speckleheart, settled in Radical MoonClan (lol) Recrmtly made and in the future i'll be working meh azz off to make a good pic of her.

   She does have a bit of powers like most abnormal animals or creatures, such as Bootiful aburn face (Crimsonflame) Controlls Life, Death, and Day and Night. Dont put nasty or rude comments on the talk page either, nor try and destroy this page because it'll be wasting time to you, and a fun game of tag to me about my powers because without powers, this charrie is nothing but a normal being. Featherclaw also is a free-to-live loner, soaring blue skys. She also is able to control storms.

She is silver scaled dragon, one red and black half-eye, and one green and yellow half-eye. I chose this because the half red part of her left eye stands for death, the black on the rest of the eye stands for darkness. The green on the right eye is life, and the yellow is golden light. Silver scaled, black stripes and snowy white and gray blended wings. She is not huge nor small, but her powers make her stronger, including the fact any moment she could make you die. A log snout, normal sized teeth yet two fangs on top and bottom jaws. Gentle at day, murderous at night. She amires the earths beautiful ladforms and at night she hunts larger animals like; deer, bears and travels at high speeds to hunt at afican plains. her wing span is akwrdly long due to her not so meniacing size. Does not breathe anything like fire, ice or that stuff; long claws. 

Featherclaw has younger offspring, Darkshadow, 20 moons, and Mistdrift, 20 moons as Featherclaw tops them off at 206 moons.

If you are willing to play as Darkshadow, a jet black male with the same eyes as Featherclaw, fang teeth rippling his jaws. 

If you are willing to play as Mistdrift, a gray and white female with the same eyes and white stripes and long wings with long claws. 

Say so in the talk page.

If you'd like to play as either of these, Darkshadow is a black male with fang-teeth and long claws 

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