Hey. I'm Finnigan Williams, but you can call me Finn. I'm the representative of Ottawa, but here ... I am Alice's sidekick and attendant. 

That means I should be part of the Diamond Legion, but I'm not. My loyalty lies only with my mistress, not with her nation. 

My name as it appears on the game is:

Ŧıпп ᴡıʟʟıαмƨ

If you would like to talk to me or need my assistance, contact me here, on my page. 


Well ... heh ... I was too lazy to actually describe them in paragraph form, so enjoy this little list I made:

- Immortality

- Fire Manipulation

- Weak blood manipulation

- Mark of the Phoenix (Alice's marking)

Weaponry Edit

Well, I don't have quite a lot of weapons, since I have my magic powers and stuff ... but I still carry a few around with me. These weapons are:

- Pistols x 2

- Knife x 1

- Dagger x 2 

So, as you can see ... I'm not exactly heavily armed, like Alice is. But if the time (or my mistress) calls, be prepared for a good fight. 


As you can hint from the picture, I have blonde, rather unkempt hair and blue eyes, under glasses. I'm 6'2 (190 cm tall), and I'm seventeen, though most people mistake me for someone older. I usually wear either my military uniform (it's Red, like a high-ranking officer's), a hoodie or Sens shirt, or a suit/dress shirt of some sort, with a tie. 


You can make comments here, or on my talk page. (Ŧıпп ᴡıʟʟıαмƨ)

Hello. Nice to meet you :3 ~Luna Ilujè.

Nice to meet you ... as well. (Ŧıпп ᴡıʟʟıαмƨ)

Uh.. can you go here? ewe I am bored e.e ~Luna.

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