Hello! Boringowl281 here. Though l enjoy being an owl, l also am a seagull- to fish. Fishing is a fun activity, but, unfortunately, only seagulls can consume fish.

How to Fish

1. Become a seagull.

2. Go to Islands or Hillscape.

3. Probe the ocean or river.

4. Chase after and dive at any fish you see.

5. You have successfully Fished!

Fishing Battles

Currently there has only been 1 Fishing Battle, with me winning.

If you want to hold a fishing battle yourself, here is how to works.

  1. Participants must both/ all (there can be more than 2 birds) be seagulls (duh....).
  2. Participants probe the river or ocean for a specified amount of time.
  3. Whoever eats the most fish wins. The winner gets twigs.

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