This is the second Fly Like A Bird game. Gamevial was put in December 2007. FLAB 2 is single and Multi-player, unlike the first game in the series. 

Playable Birds:

You can look for the chips or poo on wardens and/or players. It's basically an endless city unlike FLAB 3 which you get to know the city. FLAB 2 is a pretty good game as there are traffic wardens you can poo on, so fly on and go have fun. P.S. Try not to spam.

Differences From FLAB1 and 3Edit

Compared to the "bird" in FLAB1, this pigeon is much slower. The camera is also placed farther away than FLAB1 and 3. However, FLAB2 is VERY laggy, the game will stop if someone poos. Unlike FLAB3, this game will allow stuff.

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