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all of the birds in the game : Robin, Ringneck parakeet, Crow, Blue and gold macaw, Golden eagle, Mute swan, Barn owl, Herring gull, Rock pigeon, European starling.

Fly Like a Bird 3 is the current and latest version of Fly Like a Bird.


to find food, look in the circle up in the corner.

o Red arrow-Carcasses (Eagles, Owls, Crows and Seagulls)

o Green arrow-Cherries (Pigeons, Ringnecks, Robins, Crows, Macaws, Swans and Starlings)

o Yellow arrow-Pizza/Chips (Pigeons, Seagulls, Robins, Crows, Swans and Starlings)

o Brown arrow- twig (Five twigs complete a nest, and you can lay an egg)

o Purple arrow- your nest :D

Trash Cans

Trash Cans(called "bins" in the game) are the most sought- after resource for twigs, and you can also get edible food from these. However there is a pretty big chance of getting caught on string from bins, causing you to lose a life as well as becoming vulnerable to attack for a split second. if you get caught by string, you will spin around for a second, and lose a life. It's easier to follow the brown/orange arrow on your compass for twigs.


There is no real form of attack in Fly Like a Bird 3, but pooping on other birds makes them lose altitude as well as makes them lose a life, oddly. To poop, press Spacebar or Ctrl. You need a bull's eye to have it take effect, though. You can also poop on people (These include hunters, suits, traffic wardens and tourists), causing them to pause then disappear. if you get pooped on, you will spin around for a second, then lose a life. larger birds are easier to poo on(you don't have to stand right by them to hit them) whereas smaller birds are very hard to poo on. People also occasionally attack with hacks. Lagging the game causes everyone to depart.


You cannot and will not die in Fly Like a Bird 3, although that's what most players refer to it as. Causes of departing:

  •  Humans, by crashing into them or getting touched by them
  •  Poop from other players
  •  Crashing, or flying into things such as buildings, trees, walls, hills
  •  Landing too hard
  •  String from trash cans
  •  Starvation, when the yellow things in the "poo bar" disappears
  •  Computer error or crashes/glitches 
  • Landing in the water and staying there for to long.
  • laggers - someone who can cause everyone to depart out of the room at once.


W or Up Key: Walk or gain velocity

S or Down Key: Take off or gain Altitude

A, D, or the Left and Right Keys: Bank (flight) or turn (walking)

M: Show the names of everyone currently in the room

Spacebar: Poop/Build Nest/Lay egg (you need a twig for making a nest)

Tab: Talk

return : send message


In fly like a bird 3, there are a number of glitches.



Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.33.55 AM






Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.32.52 AM




Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.34.44 AM

traffic warden

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