Community Rules

  • Swearing is permitted, although don't overdo it
  • Be friendly. If you have a problem with someone, tell them. If they do not listen, tell them again. If they ignore you, an admin will warn them
  • No spam pages. They're extremely annoying and do not benefit our community in any way
  • No message pages! If you have something to announce to the public, create a blog!
  • Trolls will NOT be tolerated.

Page Rules

  • As stated above, no message pages. That's what blogs are for
  • As also stated above, no spam pages. They'll only get deleted
  • Clan pages are permitted, although do not make more than one page for your clan. If you want to create places and such, you can do that as sections on said page
  • Character pages are permitted, but be original! Inspiration is fine but don't completely copy off something or someone. This excludes fanon, such as Warriors
  • No duplicate pages
  • Use grammar to the best of your ability.
  • No matter how minor, do not edit another person's page without their permission.

Breaking these rules will result in a warning, which should be sent to the user's talk page. If the user continues breaking the rules, they will be blocked. The block will become bigger each time that user breaks a rule.

Trolls will not receive warnings and are instantly blocked. However, anyone blocked may appeal on their user talk page.


‎The Fly Like a Bird Wiki is dedicated to all and any information regarding the Fly Like a Bird online game, as well as its sequels. This database can be used to store information about in-game features, players, events, etc.




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