Fuck is a speedhacking robin who hangs out in the city. Formerly, he attacks everyone in a room and says nothing but "hahahaha". He's still just as hostile and aggressive.

Ravenstar is looking for him, for some reason. (THEM TWO LOVE EACH OTHER AH)

Fuck appears to be benign among players. Maybe not "benign", but they don't duck and cover.

He does have friends, like Ravenstar.

He also has a brother that sometimes logs on as Fuck. (His real brother is "rti")

In my opinion he is a killing machine he is getting better he has finally killed all in the city of 8 in 10 minutes, but sometimes he is looking for something. He is currently setting up something like a group that I will continue to monitor, a so-called fixvoxwahr, Ravenstar and new Darkkiller.

Fuck is back?!Edit

Today(8/19/13), a trollface said, "fu ck is back bitches". Then he left. Then a player whose name was something along the lines of "zfd" said the same thing. Main article: Fuck is back?!  

"there was someone named fuck and talked about the fuck team!!!"~♥αℓρнαƒιяєωⓞℓƒ♥

9/15/13 - It seems Fuck has returned, if he hasn't already. I believed he was inactive, but this may not be the case. I found him in Cityscape7. He was indeed a robin and had Speedhack. I do not know if it was a real good clone or the real deal, but it's probably the real deal. He was seen with a no name who also used Speedhack. He may be the Fuck that AlphaFirewolf saw. I've been observing him for a while. His behaviors seem to be different than as described in the article. He still killed people. When I got in close, I was killed. He didn't hunt me down after I returned, though. He seemed to be more interested in the no name he was with, as he challenged it to a fight. I didn't stick around to see the result. EDIT: I forgot to mention, after a little more research, it seems he killed djturtle in City7 a while ago. I couldn't remember the name he used, but it was probably different than his regular name, which means it could be a clone.


fu ck is dont banned!

10/25/13: A __ was seen in city8. This was revealed to actually be Fuck, by a hacking robin named dj. Yep. 

fuck and DinosauREdit

I see Dinosaur and fuck talk to new hack (spam hack)
Fuck freeze fly like a bird 300:27

Fuck freeze fly like a bird 3

fuck tell

phase 1 : spam

phase 2 : lag the server

phase 3: destroy the server

phase 4???


lol who wrote this. gud spy.

u must be eki or joe or courtney or whatever :)


I see phrase 4 freeze the game (video) WTF!!


Too many people. -Ravenstar

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