Huntress used to be a kitty pet but she ran away from the gushy stuff that twolegs do, rabbitdropping food, and the stale flavored 'treats'.Edit

Huntress -A cream colored she-cat with almost white purpley eyes black chest fluff an auburn mask and her pelt has grey and yellow leopard spots. Edit

Mate : Cody - A pure black tom with one golden eye and one blue eye, a white stripe down is nose, white fluff on his chest and white flecks on his tail tip. He also has an unusual bue-grey four point star on his forehead, and one white paw. (deceased)

Cody got hit by a monster just after he found out Huntress was bearing his kits.Edit

She  has  4 kits and she named them

-Goosekit - A jet black tom with a creamy white underbelly  and tail tip and shining blue eyes.

  Cloudkit - A small black tom with a white underbelly and chest with a golden right eye and blue left eye.

 Mousekit - A dark creamy grey she-cat with an auburn mask, one golden eye and one darker purple eye.

 goldenkit - A large long furred cream colored  she-cat with a black tail speckled with cream flecks, black streaks down her back with dashing golden eyes.

  • Cody, the dead father
  • Something like huntress, the fierce queen/ protector
  • for those who don't think it can get any worse, think instead of how good it will be later.
  • peace and love for the world, there's always enough to go around.
  • Goosekit the dark kit
  • Huntress and her family Cody is dead, this is a would be picture
  • Mouseykit
  • our family
  • mousekit again
  • This is why I will never, ever, ever join any clan, no matter how nice

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