The newforce of the ARCF is recruiting

  • the newforce of ARCF is advanced and made to be much stronger than the original force, ARCF-ORIGINAL.
  • this is the newest force which makes it called the newforce.
  • newforce supports the ideas of amembe ranaga.
  • the newforce recruits those gifted in arts of haxpage.
  • the newforce accepts jiibydoale
  • the newforce accepts nalthormiah
  • the newforce accepts hot hax
  • the newforce accepts code100
  • the newforce accepts shortscripts
  • the newforce accepts hackscripts
  • the newforce accepts choctengine
  • the newforce accepts ARHAXCODES

a new powerful force of amembe ranaga

the advanced ARCF

the newforce

supporting ideas of amembe ranaga in a new and strong force

join today :D

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