I am making this page because Juno has taken a liking to killing the people of FLAB3. ~Aquila

Juno is a starling troll who, like me, hates robins. He usually attacks at Cityscape2, and hopes to piss people off, which is a mostly successful attempt. I have been trying to find him myself and force him to ragequit the game forever, to no avail as of yet.


  • 6:30 PM, Eastern Australia Standard, Feb 16, a ringneck called 'fuck juno' was seen. This gives evidence that Juno was on not long ago and succeeded at his trolling attempt. Scape: Cityscape2
  • 9:30 PM Eastern Australia Standard, Feb 16, Juno was sighted along with sacha trolling Aquila, Firegirl and an eagle called Weff. Scape: Island5
  • 10:54 PM Eastern Australia Standard, Feb 22, I was in cityscape2 and i found sarah and she was so mean! she kept pooing on me so i called her a bitch but she wouldnt stop! :c -juno
  • March 14, a user whos name simply read '.' entered the room with my same IP Address and spammed the room with fullstops. The spammer was soon to be revealed Juno, who insulted Ino, Dapple and I.