Katie is a terrible person because she is a self loving pigeon.She wont kill if you tell her she's beautiful.She is always seen as a pigeon and is good at killing larger birds like eagles but has no fear of robins or starlings.lf she is ignored she will kill.The first time i got killed by her was when i was'nt paying attention to her and she killed me.If you see her  complement her.She likes annoying birds with nests or who are mates.I was killed by her again in city 7 because she said i was in her area.She is mostly in the cities.She acts like she owns people and will kill them if they dont do what she says.She bosses people around becaue she thinks she beautiful.She can be found ice skating in the snows, but is mostly seen in hill 7.Most attacks happen while she finds one target and then she kills.She knows how to go underground in the snows, so she retreats underground.She likes to brag and make fun of other people.She is reported spying on people.She poops on people consistantly until they give up.She is trying to own island 5 but will probably fail.She trys various attemps to steal peoples mates, but fails.If she cant get underground she trys to fly up.If she cant see you she cant kill you, so her only enemies are nonames.If seen kill imedeadly.She never swears but sarcasticly talks to her enimies, and trys to get girls away from there mates.

There is more than one Katie, as players often use their real names for FLAB.

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