Lycura, also known as the wolfbird, is a legendary eagle. She is depicted as a very rare eagle who has the ability to shapeshift into a bipedal werewolf with enlarged wings and fangs that jutted out of its mouth.


Black eagle Wallpaper yvt2

Lycura's bird form.

In bird form, Lycura is a large golden eagle with brown and black feathers. Her eyes are a dark brown that often turn red when she is enraged. She also has small spikes on her back.

Werewolf with wings

Lycura's wolf form.

In wolf form, Lycura is a huge, black bipedal werewolf with large wings. She has spikes along her back and her fangs jut from her mouth. Her claws are very large and sharp. Her eyes are yellow but often turn red when she is angry.


Lycura is a very fierce bird, and a great fighter. She was seen as a normal bird by many, until rumors spread about Lycura, that she was not just an ordinary eagle. She was something stronger, something much stronger. Eventually, she was depicted as a malevolent force that could shapeshift into a two-legged wolf with wings. Fear was instilled in many that heard about this. Because of her unique ability, many disliked or feared Lycura, although she never attacked unless it was necessary. She is a fierce and somewhat aggressive bird indeed, and can become a bipedal wolf with wings, but she was normally kind to those she knows and rarely attacks unless attacked first. Despite her bad reputation, Lycura seems to ignore these birds who hold a grudge against her.


Not much was known about Lycura before she became the wolfbird. Many saw her as an ordinary eagle, except she had a strong liking for wolves and werewolves. She frequently talked with wolves and werewolves that she knew. When she was flying in the forest one day, she disappeared. Everyone wondered where the eagle went, and she did not come back for a few days.

Two friends of Lycura decided to look for her. They traveled for days and days with no sign of Lycura. That was when there was a deafening snarl from behind them. The two birds turned around and flew to a nearby hill, finding a sarcophagus laying at the bottom of the hill, directly under the full moon's light. The two birds hovered in the air, staring curiously. Suddenly, a strange creature bursted out of the sarcophagus with a high-pitched shriek.

The creature seemed to be a large black wolf standing on two legs, with its wings spread and deadly fangs jutting from its mouth. Its claws were long and dangerously sharp. Its eyes were gleaming red and were glowing in the dark.

"Wh-who are you?" One of the birds stammered. "Wh-WHAT are you?!"

The creature stepped forward with a dark snarl. "Lycura," the beast said in a deep voice that was barely a whisper. "Remember my name."

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