Magnus is a mage of The Legendary Creed. She is also known as 'The Vampiric Necromancer'


Magnuc is a Vampiric Necromancer, she sometimes has eyes that emit a vivid orange light, she has sharp fangs and can grow ominous claws when commanded. She has black hair. She has a detailed dark steel belt and a lady vampire type of suit, she owns a companion, a Gryphon called Quantum. Magnus is the daughter of a powerful Necromancer.


Necromantic Magic - She can summon the dead.

Void Manipulation- She can control the element of Void.

Transformation - She can transform into a bat, raven and a dragon.

Conjuring - She can conjure a pack of shadow wolves and a phoenix. 




Magnus's Raven Form

Magnus's Bat Form

Magnus's Dragon Form


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