ill fight him in city1 as soon as i get on tomorrow so dont be suprised also if i win gamerz has to do whatever i say for a month take off your hacks too i already know ill win and im not scared so u better be ready, and ill aslo write down what happens and who wins on this page so no one forgets and so you cant make up anything  -Snowygirl1

good luck, he's a pretty good poofighter :|


today i beat nazli in city1 and she didnt poo on me one time and kept missing when ever i pooped on her she would lag to get away and then she ran away like a baby a begged me to stop and then she went into a building and started lagging again and i also hit her out of the air like 5 times and maybe gamerz isnt such a good poofighter cuz im the best!!  -Snowygirl1

lmao nazli's so pathetic its sad.

also, dunno if you know but if u wanna stop nazi from lagging, use the counter code <i> It stops lag ;)


thanks so much im gonna try to use that if she lags or whenever i poo on her  -Snowygirl1

do you know the lag codes?


i do but i only know 1 and it doesnt work that well like it cant make anyone die like hers can  -Snowygirl1

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