Miley is a killer (or semi-killer) of mainly city 7. She is not exactly dangerous unless you poo on her, she is not known for defending her friends. If she flies close to you she might not poo but she will chase you around or knock you out the sky with poop. If she wants you to land she wont do it so friendly. She might poo on you or ake you say something long. She, like a astrid (ringneck/robin) has been known to make nests under roleplayers that are on brb and she will eat while the afk bird warms her egg. She is also a nest raider, taking over bird's nests and not letting them near it.


For one thing, she has an exreme hate for the a few clans, such as diamond legion and shanks.


Roleplayers, yet when they poo on her she dosent poo back. But she will treat outsiders who poo on her EXREMELY harsh.

Aggression: 1/10

Aggression to enemies: 10/10

Time walking: 6/10

Time flying: 5/10

Speed: 9/10

She has been known to chase down her enemies with her incredible speed

She is one of the only killers to walk slightly more than fly, this may be because she sits next to alot of people or may spend time in the other bird of another player making them look like one.

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