Mist (ᴍɪsᴛ♀™) is a robin seen in Snowscape 1 and 5 and Hillscape 1. She doesn't use hack but is skilled at pooing and knows cheats in all dens. Her previous name was TabbieWolf (in fancy letters) but she changed it.

Friends and Enemies EditEdit

Mist has been seen mostly with Firewolf (fancy letters) in the Snowscapes, but her known friends are:


Lightningwolf- fancy letters

Skywolf- fancy letters

Firewolf- fancy letters


Mafia- fancy letters

Nonames who kill/poo on her

Killers who kill/poo on her

Anyone who dislikes or argues with Firewolf, as they are very close.

-Feel free to add or edit any information if any is known.

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