Molten Lava is a creature in which all powers of Fire are his ability to harness. As a human, his name is Xavier, which he usually refers to as Lord Xavier.


As a person, his hair is black, with dark red. He often wears a red, slightly dresslike robe. His eyes are a Topaz golden, that turn flame when controlling magyk, for 'Magyk' is his way of saying 'Fire'

He carries a black staff, with a glowing red, spherical gem at the end, which he may use as a weapon to empower him.

As Molten Lava, the Tigrador, his body is pelted in Tiger fur, instead of dragon scales. His eyes are a radiant red, and as his personality is slightly differed while Tigrador.


Molten Lava is the creature that granted magyk of fire to Crimsonflame, in which his power extends to grant fire to any of his choosing, but only once.

He is known to be gentle, all while deadly fire incinerates diamond aplenty. Lava is Lord of Tigradors, which makes Lord Xavier a meaningful name. Xavier is sometimes quiet, but surprisingly, not overly independent.

He may get agitated if spoken to with enthusiasm over-exeding normal, for he likes being thought of as royalty, being quickly agitated is a trait of his. Xavier is patient, and trustworthy, always accepting, like a flame, he is strong and brave.

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