Multiplayer is simply a characteristic where you can play with other people and have a name (instead of only putting your name when you die). You will have a choice of which server to be, your name, and the type of bird you are. You will be able to poo on other people and if you poo on them enough all five of their lives will be gone and they will "fly away".Then they will have to restart again. This can be a problem as certain servers get pretty crowded. Most, if not all, players will go to multiplayer mode.

i have one thing to say.... hackers suck so dont go on the noname and hackers side:) 

ps my friend can kill immortals so 

Damn, that hurts. I'm a noname on mobile and I hack... and I'm not a damn bad guy. Go on whatever side you want, as long as you stick to what you intend to do. ~Aura

Just know that not all nonames and hackers are bad.

Exactly my point. Take off the part that says nonames are always bad. Because I might freak out-[1]