Nemesis is a player on FLAB3. Nemesis mostly plays as a Robin, Crow and Seagull. The identity of this player is unknown. She/he is a infamous player on other games, she/he uses advanced hacks.


Nemesis is silent but speaks gibberish, she/he occasionally stands idle and stares at another player, Nemesis will somtimes stand on a carcass, she/he may stand on a nest if there is a chick and turns in the direction of the chick. It is unknown if she/he has ever spoken properly.


28/03/2014 - Island 5: Nemesis started staring at a player, she/he then began spinning around for 20 seconds then immediately departed. She/he was a Seagull.

27/03/2014 - Snowscape 4: Nemesis stood idle and stared at a random player and turned in the direction they went, she/he then stood on a carcass for 2-3 hours. She/he was a Robin.

26/03/2014 - Hillscape 3: Nemesis stood on a nest and turned in the direction of the chick, she/he then started spinning around really fast causing the server to lag tremendously.


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