Nonames can be very deadly. Watch out. They are usually robins or starlings because those are the quickest birds. However, not all nonames are bad. (Most people believe they are because the reason that they have no names is so they cannot be seen when they sneek up on other birds) But some nonames are good. They will help with nests, and will not hesitate to protect you if asked. Ask if they are good or bad. Usually if they are good, they will respond saying so. If they are bad, they probably won't respond. Be careful. 

One noname known of is someone who goes (usually) on island 2 and snowscape 2 OR hillscape 1. He/She is there to watch over people. If someone starts killing another, this noname will spring into action and kill whoever started it. And he/she will protect you if you ask. 

If you don't want to be a vicitim of noname killilng, be careful what bird you are, and what scape you go on. Nonames will usually go to scapes with the most people. (Just be warned) They also go for easy targets; including: swans, eagles, ringnecks and macaws. If you are a spammer, becareful of nonames because they will not hesitate to kill you. And even if you keep coming back, they will continue until you've stopped. 

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