Nova, (in-game ησνα), is a blue and white wolfdragon in Fly like a bird 3.
Sukai dragon by lucky978-d3j6emh


Nova is often described as enigmatic, which gives her the nickname Nova the Enigmatic. Enigmatic means mysterious and difficult to understand. Despite being very shy and mysterious, Nova will open up very quickly once she gets to know someone. She likes to know things and is pretty intelligent, but at times she can be rather dim-witted. She is a rogue, so she does not have a clan and isn't really interested in joining one. However, she might become affiliated with one, meaning she won't join them but she will become friends with them and help them out when they need it.




Although Nova doesn't attack unless she is attacked first, she is a very fierce fighter and will not hesitate to attack someone who is being mean to her, the clans she affiliated with, or her friends.


  • Nova sometimes uses SuperPoo and Immortality to avoid attacks when roleplaying.
  • Nova is a wolfdragon.
  • Nova also plays on Lif and Lif Serengeti.

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