Nuntis is 'sun wolf' in (I forgot what language! ;-;). He was found by Creek lost by a river, he was cast off from his small 'pack' the quotes are there because it was very small and he was the one keeping it together, but there was a young female that wanted to be the leader instead of him, so she attacked all the members, scaring them all into kicking him out.   

             Nuntis - A large golden male wolf with grey stripes on his wings, grey under belly, and an unusual sun pattern on his forehead.

In his human form, he is a tall dark blonde handsome teenager, with dark brown hazel eyes, he often wears a tuxedo, but sometimes is lazy and wears jeans and a tank top.

  • Nuntis, the powerful partner
  • Nuntis- front view
  • Nuntis - before he was gifted by the gods, he was just a regular winged-wolf.
  • Nuntis' human form~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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