a ringneck like Opa7

Opa7 is a skilled ringneck bird who poops on any killer he sees and if its an easy prey he will kill him.he is normally in cities

and sometimes in islands and snowscapes.


There are two birds who helps him:Ghepo and Helwa.Ghepo is a Maccaw and Helwa is a BarnOwl.These four help each other.when someone poops on one of them the other two go and give him a shower of poops.they are also named Bosses Of Servers Clan


Opa7 was a good bird who helps every one in making nests and gathering twigs but one day he wanted to make a nest of his own,he gathered twigs and everything was going good but suddenly a bird that we still don't know came in and POOPED AND POOPED AND POOPED on his face untill he died and his nest were DESTROYED. this is one of another million Opa7 called his freinds and made the Bosses Of Servers to kill any killer and help people

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