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The Parakeet (referred to as the Ringneck in the menu) is one of the playable birds in Fly Like a Bird 3, which was added due to popular demand. The bird was modeled by Anais and added by Gamevial on October 1, 2012. It is bluish-green in color.
I4 - Kopie

The RingNeck in the Islands

It is only able to eat cherries. Along with the pigeon, it is one of the only birds accessible in the lite version. This is why there are many parakeets in the Cityscape. It's quite beautiful when you press the down button the Parakeet's tail widens but while it flies straight, it's tail remains thin.

Flight Pattern

When pressing the up arrow when flying, the Parakeet travels faster, but straight, just like any other bird, and when pressing the down arrow in flight it becomes slower, but starts increasing altitude. As it rises higher with the down arrow, its wings start flapping at a wider range and its tail spreads out more. When speed-flying with the forward arrow, it makes its tail thinner and it beats its wings at a smaller angle thus making it seem flapping faster.


Parakeets, if you have the full version, you can go underground in snowscape, and hillscape.

They can also fly into a house in snowscape.

They can get inside a cottage in hillscape

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