The PCP is a clan. It allegedly has many members, though this was overheard before it changed to PCP.


This was originally the Wolf Clan Protectors, founded by Firewolf(?). Then, Firewolf changed his name to Thunderwolf, then Firephoenix when he decided to change WCP to PCP.

Firewolf, and concequentally the members he most hangs with, are arguing of a love tangle(more than a love triangle.

Firewolf seems to be allied, or at least doing business with, Sam, Ryuik, Lizzie(who is actually Ryuik), vayo, fuck, wolfboy.

Firewolf has recently called quits on clan things.


Omegawolf/Omega/Omegaphoenix - Firewolf's mate. She has made plans to break up with him, though.

Snowpup/Snowwolf - The newest member who is self-described as being a friend of Fire/ Fire's group before becoming Snowpup.

Lunawolf -

Jewlwolf/Moonwolf/Goldwolf - Part of the love tangle. She seems to be on the losing side, 'cause behind her back, jeers can be heard among the members, "jewl is such a bitch". She was Fire's mate when Omegawolf left on hiatus.

Candywolf/Nightwolf/Nightphoenix/Sunsetshimmer/Diamondwolf - Possibly the youngest member, but not the newest.

Icewolf/Darknesswolf - Despite being around when Firewolf changed to Firephoenix, he is still Darknesswolf.

Firewolf/Firephoenix/thunderwolf - The alpha(?). He does get into fights alot. He does not take clones(or people with similar names) kindly. He can hack, and knows how to be immortal and help nests at high speed. He is also one of Fuck's friends, at least that is what he told darkkiller. Firewolf SHOULD NOT be confused with Alpha Firewolf, a girl from a time zone 12 hours away.

Perfect Wolf <3/Hailey- Probably not a member, as she has no PCP or WCP in her name. Though she IS a confirmed friend of Firewolf and sometimes hangs with Firewolf's group.

Magnumwolf - I had only seen her when Kyoya encountered some pup who I forgot the name of. That pup became Magnumwolf, daughter of Omegawolf(?) and Firewolf. She is a friend of Kyoya.

UPDATE: Goldwolf is confirmed to be Fire and Jewl's kid. If I heard that right, Goldwolf is also the player behind Jewl and Magnum. Probably not Magnum.

Flamewolf/Flamepelt- Is a pure fireball formed into a wolf, so don't get her mad. She can throw fits, but is very inactive. And don't mess with her, or it's your ass for lunch. By the way, she is an orage/red wolf with flame-like fur. On will, she can turn into a wolf on fire, literally. She is also a new member.


kyoya257/lonelywolf/maddie/shywolf/sweetwolf - Friend of one of the clanmembers.

setsunathewary - A starling who is a self-proclaimed stalker and has many names. She usually stumbles into a room to look for her friends. Also likes to help nests.

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