Pictobot is a Starling who enjoys eating eggs by eliminating the parents, who he did to goldwolf and her mate, death. He is also known to be rude and sarcastic, making inappropiate comments about people and butting into conversations. He gets into arguments a lot and regularly criticizes other players, taunting, teasing, or making fun of them. He seems to hate wolf roleplayers and uses their many flaws to win fights and often leaves before saying something like "bye, moron". Despite being formally listed as a hero, he is seldom seen being nice or kind. The only person he was ever nice to was moonpup, after he/she lost a mother.

(Note: There are several Pictobots in the game. The name is also commonly used in the game, We are the Robots and has been used a few times in Knight of the Dragon, too. If you use the name Pictobot and happen to read this page and none of it is you, then do not be offended. Thanks.)