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The Pigeon is the original playable bird in the Fly Like a Bird games, which first appeared in Fly Like a Bird 2 and was later incorporated into the third game along with the Crow and the Seagull. The Pigeon is not as frequent as other birds in the third game and is relatively slow, especially compared to the newer, faster birds. However, the Pigeon, along with the Robin, Starling, Ringneck and Swan, are the only birds able to go beneath the riverside cabin in Hillscape without using the underground glitch. The Pigeon's diet consists of chips, cherries, and pizza; however, it is unable to eat meat. It is grey with a pink and green nape and a black tail tip. It has got black tips on the ends of its wings. It's head is grey, and it has red eyes and pink feet. It is mostly used by trolls, hackers, and those with the demo version. For this reason, they are common in cities. The Pigeon is frequently pooped on, mostly by smaller birds.

Flight PatternEdit

Its wingbeat is rather slow compared to other birds.

Please don't add your own player names on the official bird pages.Edit

They have nothing to do with the bird itself, please create your own page on here for that purpose.

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