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The Pigeon is a playable bird in the Fly Like a Bird series, which first appeared in Fly Like a Bird2 and was later incorporated into the third game along with the Crow and the Seagull. The Pigeon is not as frequent as other birds in the third game and is relatively slow, especially compared to the newer and faster birds. the only people who would really use them were players who had the "lite" version of the flab3 app, it only included the Pigeon and Ringneck.

The Pigeon's diet consists of Chips, Cherries, and Pizza; however, it is unable to eat Carcasses.

Its easily Identified by its grey body and white back. the neck is grey with green, pink and purple iridescents. the wings are grey with two bands of black across the bases of the tertiary wing feathers and the secondary covert feathers. a black band extends across the ends of the main wing feathers, and fades into brown at the ends of the wings. the tail is grey with black on the tips of the feathers. the feet are pink and the beak it black with a white cere.

The Pigeon has gotten a negative reputation as it is commonly used by trolls, hackers, and those with the demo version. For this reason, they are common in the cityscape servers. The Pigeon is frequently pooped on, mostly by smaller birds due to this reason.

The Pigeon appears to be based on the subspecies of Rock Dove, C. livia domestica (Feral Pigeon)

Flight Pattern

Its wingbeat is rather slow compared to other birds, which often leads to its downfall in usage as other, more agile birds are preffered over the Pigeon.