Pitamelarkk was a troll robin who is known for yapping about how he is in "DAH HUNGRR GAMZ". Seeing that this is pretty much the only thing he says, he must have only a meager knowledge of The Hunger Games. Lots of birds took him seriously, and that motivated him to keep doing that. Pita was first seen in the hillscapes and kept spamming "I IS IN DAH HUNGRR GAMZ". Another robin replied, "It's spelled Peeta Mellark -_-" and Pita just kept spamming and pooing on some innocent robins and eagles.The only reason Pita was ever successful is that he barged in on some peaceful chatters. Later that day, Pita went back to the hillscapes and spammed the same thing. Some robin group of friends said stuff like, "OMG ITS NOT THE HUNGER GAMES" and "YOU'RE TAKING THIS TOO SERIOUSLY". Of course, Pita JUST KEPT SPAMMING AND POOING. He returned another day to torment birds once more, and he said "Do you really think I'm serious?". The robin girl he just pooed on replied: "We don't care, but just shut up!" Shortly after he eliminated some eagles, he left forever. Or so we thought.


Movement Rating: 8/10

Poop Accuracy: 5/10

Maneuverability: 7/10

Time Flying: 70%

Time Walking: 30%

Catnus Evadeen

Pita returned as catnusevadeen(or catnus evadean) and did the same thing, but with "I DA GURL ON FYRE". He got this priceless responce: "No, you da gurl who needs to go to school!" After a few days worth of "trolling" he left for good. He never admitted that Catnus is Pita, but it was pretty obvious. Catnus first appeared as an eagle.

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