Pytanah is the assistant to Matnu, the leader of Aniia. She supported the plan of Aniia taking control of the server. She is rarely seen in the game or on the wiki, but when she is, she can be dangerous.


Pytanah rarely is ever seen with hacks, but when she does, she usually only enables speed hack. She does not hack most of the time, since she often serves as a spy, or spreads the message of Aniia by spamming in the chats.


Pytanah is the assistant of Aniia. Although she is rarely on and has few haks, she is a very powerful and respected member. She always listens to Matnu and mainly serves as a spy or spammer in the game. Her longest visit was during the Second Attack, where she served as a spy, although the second attack failed.

Sightings, Discussions, ChatEdit

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